email marketing

Email Marketing

An email campaign that gets real results is a powerful sales tool. But only if it is properly prepared and closely monitored.

No email campaign or single email blast is effective if the emails are not read. Each email must contain an intriguing and compelling subject line that is specific to your message (to ensure the email is opened). Plus, the size and design of the email must allow your customers to gather information as quickly as possible and recognise your call to action. Long, drawn out emails with several paragraphs are simply not read.

We’ll make sure each email we send out on your behalf is designed to be opened and read by as many people as possible and then we’ll monitor the results. Careful analysis of the response to each email and your campaign in general allows us to help you target new markets and widen your customer base.

The proper management of your mailing list is very important. We’ll keep your list up to date, add new contacts and adhere to the all rules involving the proper sending of emails and the data protection act.

Autoresponder campaigns

An autoresponder email campaign works for you 24 hours a day. Typically, for a one time campaign, five to seven emails are delivered at set times and in a particular order to be as effective as possible. We also offer a monthly, continuing program that delivers three to four emails each month for an extended period of time to keep bringing in sales and targeting new customers.

Cut through the clutter

At Glasgow Business Magazine, we know how to create an email campaign or single blast that cuts through the clutter of the email jungle to deliver a specifically-targeted message that gets the job done.